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Colors of your Waissted beads could mean different things, depending on your beliefs, culture or geographic location. Waissted encourage you to do your own research to determine your use of colors. Remember colors have power and gives off energy. Below are various of WAI     TED colors that have been associated with some meanings.

Bronze Waissted

maintenance of beauty and health, enduring strength, preservation, outward attractiveness

Silver Waissted

sensitivity, moon, fluidity, illumination, intuitiveness, reflection 

Gold Waissted

illumination, sun, prestige, wealth, success, abundance, royalty, affluence

White Waissted

innocence, purity, simplicity, completion, wisdom, illumination, peace, higher consciousness

Black Waissted

power, authority, formality, mystery, depth, discipline, ground, sophistication, 

Gray Waissted

compromise, transition, impartial, reserved, conservative, steady

Brown Waissted

stability, reliability, comfort, wealth, security, practicality, earthy

Pink Waissted

romance, femininity, nurturing, unconditional love, affection, gentle, kindness, compassion,

Indigo Waissted

​third eye, intuition, perception,
deep concentration, vision,

Blue Waissted

peaceful, calm, relaxation, trust, loyalty, sincerity, reliability, communication 

Violet/Purple Waissted

crown, imagination, spirituality, creativity, unity, royalty

Green Waissted

heart, balance, harmony,
renewal, rebirth, growth, fertility, restoration, healing, compassion

Red Waissted

root, intensity, love, passion, action, determination, ambition, confidence

Orange Waissted​

joy, enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, warmth, invigoration, stimulation

Yellow Waisted

self-knowledge, cheerfulness, concentration, energy, practicality, clarity
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